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Secretariat of the Dhaandhoo Council
Dhaandhoo, Maldives

Investment oppertunities
Foreign investors are offered a transparent policy environment. The law on foreign investments (Law 25/79) guarantees the security of investments. In addition our liberal trade environment, dynamic private sector and development-oriented legal structure all contribute to a conducive climate for trade and investment. The Maldives has a strong record of political stability resulting from homogenous nature of our society with one culture, one religion and one language. Thus the ethnic and political unrest that can disrupt economic activities elsewhere are non-existent in the Maldives.

The country is an income tax and corporate tax haven. The vast untapped potential in natural marine resources and the young, energetic and trainable workforce are strong inducements to invest in the Maldives, as has been proven by many successful foreign investors.

The number of foreign companies investing in the Maldives has been increasing every year. Their services range from management and accounting services, air transport, resort management to manufacturing.
The Maldives will continue to attract and promote foreign investment in to the country. There will be an emphasis on promotion of investment activities that:-

Are Capital intensive
Enhance transfer of technology
Introduce new skills
Are Environmentally friendly

Investment opportunities range from investment affiliated with the tourism industry, such as development of air and sea transport or direct investment in tourism itself and marine based industries such as reef fish processing, aquaculture/marine culture and production of value-added fish and marine based products.

The sectors where potential exists are:
Fisheries sector
Financial sector
Transport and other services sectors
Infrastructure development

The Foreign Investment Service Bureau of the Maldives invites you to explore the tremendous potential in the development of marine based industries, development of infrastructure such as harbors, tourist resorts, transport services and numerous other activities.

The service sector in the Maldives could be further improved and there is ample scope for foreigners in this sector. Banking, accounting, management consultancy are some of the areas where we could use foreign investment and expertise.
Their is also scope for the development of residential islands for foreigners and development of accommodation on time sharing schemes. Interested parties may apply to FISB and islands could be allocated for such developments.
There is also potential for development in aqua culture, in particular seafood and fish farming and the cultivation of seaweed, lobster, shrimp, reef fish and edible crabs.

Foreign Investors may choose either of the following business arrangements when investing in the Maldives:

Joint ventures with local partners
Wholly owned foreign investments .

Maldive Foreign Investments Documents

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